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Android App Lock :

Android App lock, We are in the hacker world where everyone can hack our phone. But thanks to our technology you can secure your phone with just one tap. Security always comes to our mind when we save the password, personal photos, confidential documents and etc. But we aren’t able to do that I would like to thank our latest android technology that we can use best android app lock on our android device. We can get many Android app lock apps on google play store. Here is the detailed article. Best Android App lock.

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What is Android App lock?

Android App lock is a tool that helps us to protect our android phone, basically its an app we can get in any smartphone’s like Android or iPhone/ ios and for your windows or mac. Android app lock is actually designed for our needs and work to be done to secure our personal data on Android devices.


1. App lock

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App Lock is the another best app for safety and security for your data with 4.4 rating on google play store itself. Once installed the app on your Android device you can set a pattern, pin or password if you’re using Android 6.0 it’s allowed to use a fingerprint as well.

Features :

  1. You can customize your lock screen and background.
  2. Hide your personal photos and videos, the hidden photos would be invisible from Gallery and can only be seen in photo and video vault.
  3. AppLock can lock Facebook, Whatsapp, Gallery, Messenger, Snapchat, Instagram, SMS, Contacts, Gmail, Settings, incoming calls and any app you choose. Prevent unauthorized access and guard privacy.
  4. AppLock has a random keyboard and invisible pattern lock. No need to worry about people may peek the pin or pattern.

App lock - android app lock

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2. Hex App Lock & Photo Vault:

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Hex app is the well known great app for your mobile safety and security for your Android device.

It also protects your privacy and security of your apps with up to five unique profiles to in every situation. You can also Set up a PIN password or a pattern lock to put of your mind at whenever you can share your Android device.

You can also Keep your pictures safe with Hex lock with new Media Vault to hide your personal photo and video files in a locked gallery vault only you can open that particular folder.

1.You can Lock Whatsapp, Emails and SMS. And you can Keep your messaging safe!
2. This app can secure Pictures and Videos in the Media Vault. Also, you can hide private files!
3. To Protect yourself from intruders. May Lock your Games!
4. Its Lock your Gallery and your personal Photos. Its Keep your Privacy!
5. To Protect your Social Network apps this has many features. Secure your WhatsApp and Facebook app!
6. It can Lock your Systems. Also Control your own Wi-Fi, Settings, etc!
7.  You may TRACK SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY to See who tried to unlock your apps and photos in the Security Log that’s awesome feature as well.

Hexapplocker-best app lock for android

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3. Norton App Lock

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Norton app lock you probably already know that Norton is the popular anti-virus company. It offers good android app locker as well. The best thing about this app lock is its ad-free. You can lock your apps and protect your privacy with Norton App Lock. Use a dedicated secure password or any pattern lock screen you want to keep your Android device secure and private.

Features :

1. Add your passcode to secure your apps.
2. Lock one or more app with the same 4-digit PIN passcode
3. Protect your private data and photos from the prying eyes of intruders
4.Make sure you’re the only one changing your social status or posts
5. Keep app content private if you share your device with kids or friends to play games or watch videos
6. You need to Add a layer of security to your app.In that case, if your device is lost or stolen
7. It may Prevent those most embarrassing “pocket-dial” accidents
8. You need to Choose the apps you want to lock it may all or some, or you can follow our recommendations

Norton-App-Lock-Best app lock for android 2017


4. App Locker: Fingerprint & Pin

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App Locker is really great app lock it allows you fingerprint and pin lock which are the great features of this app lock.

Although it’s not that popular app on google play store and if you look at its old UI which is not that great.But trust me this app has really unique features this with the help of this app locker you can set the custom setting lock on every app. This app comes free with ads if you don’t like ads you can buy the paid version also.

1.With  AppLocker you can also lock your apps like gallery, message apps, social apps and email apps and etc with its fingerprint, pin, pattern lock and also handle a fake crash.

2.If someone tries to open your locked apps with the wrong password attempts, This AppLock will capture the picture of the intruder from its front camera and show you when you open AppLock. This is one of the best features of this app lock.

3.You Can also Use fingerprint as a secondary password, or can use the only fingerprint to unlock your particular apps.

App-Locker-Fingerprint-best app lock for android

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5. Smart AppLock (App Protect)

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Smart Applock is really best android app lock for 2017.

It allows you to Protect apps with multiple lock types, such as Pattern Lock, PIN lock, and Password Lock. The best part of this app is its Custom lock screen style, custom lock screen background and its  Hide and encrypt pictures and videos with GalleryVault.

Features :

1.You can lock your personal uses apps which contain privacy things, like personal photos, videos, important messages SMS or MMS and your personal call logs.

2.You may also lock SNS apps, like Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter,snapchat and etc.

3. lock system settings, install/uninstall apps to keep the phone away from being messed up by others or kids.

smart-app-lock-best android app lock


Secure Your Apps With Android App Lock

There are a lot of app locker apps on the Play Store but I had chosen only 5. Because most certainly the best app lockers you can use for Android. All of them allows you to use the fingerprint scanner and all of them have some unique features, so you can select the app that suits you best. You try out these app lockers on your Android smartphone and do let us know and if there any other android app locker which you use you can comment down below.


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Ismail Memon Is An Android Developer and Content Writer, Blogger. He has been doing Android Development For 8 months and attended various google developers events in India.

He is The owner of Provide Quality Content Who Are Interested In Technology and Tips Tricks. The Blog Mainly Focus On Android Tutorial, Tech Tips Tricks , Tutorial Guide ,Tech News And Much More. Find me On Facebook And Twitter.

About the Author: Ismail Memon

Ismail Memon Is An Android Developer and Content Writer, Blogger. He has been doing Android Development For 8 months and attended various google developers events in India. He is The owner of Provide Quality Content Who Are Interested In Technology and Tips Tricks. The Blog Mainly Focus On Android Tutorial, Tech Tips Tricks , Tutorial Guide ,Tech News And Much More. Find me On Facebook And Twitter.

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  1. Hi,

    I only use Huawei phones/tablets and only some of the app lock apps work with Huawei’s phone manager, especially its “block apps from running in the background” feature.

    The only App Lock apps working on Huawei I found so far are Smart App Lock by SpSoft and Privacy Knight by Taobao.

    Here’s my experiences (especially with using Huawei’s App Lock alongside with an extra App Lock app):

    Smart App Lock

    Only works fine (on Huawei G8, Android 6.0.1, EMUI 4.0 3) as long as you do not(!) install the Helper app that’s supposed to prevent it from being force stopped and you allow it to run in the background with Huawei’s phone manager! If the helper app is installed you can force stop Smart App Lock and it wont restart after a reboot or through its internal restart schedule. But: Without the helper app you can even use it alongside Huawei’s own phone manager app lock for locking critical apps with two different PINs or with fingerprint plus PIN!

    Privacy Knight

    If you don’t allow the app to run in the background (Huawei G8, Android 6.0.1, EMUI 4.0.3), it sometimes works and sometimes it just starts up locked apps without asking for the code… Behaviour like that is dangerous for a security app. But at least it works fine once you allow it to run in the background – just lock Huawei’s phone manager that controls permissions to run in the background and you’re fine. Unfortunately you cannot use the Huawei phone manager’s app lock alongside Privacy Knight since they both “battle” for being on top for entering the PIN or using the fingerprint.

    So: An extra App Lock app alongside with Huawei’s app lock only works with Smart App Lock from SpSoft (for me and so far). Using a second App Lock app you can enable basic security with quick fingerprint unlock via Huawei’s phone manager and add extra security to critical apps with a longer PIN via Smart App Lock. Snart App lock will always cover the “use fingerprint screen” but apps you only fingerprint locked with Huawei’s app lock, can still be unlocked just with a fingerprint. On the other hand – even if you enter Smart App Lock’s PIN when requested, the Huawei app lock fingerprint will still be required by those apps. This is like an undocumented stealth feature!


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