5 Amazing News Apps For Smartphones in 2018

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What is the first thing you do in the morning? Well, many of you might think that’s why in hell he is asking the question when he already knows the answer. But I am talking the thing that you do after doing your primary one. Yes, definitely I am talking about reading the newspapers. A man can leave his breakfast but he can’t forget reading the newspapers that keeps them updated with the daily happenings across the globe.
As the time proceeds, we see advancement in the technology with new inventions carried out every day to make the lifestyle of a human being much simpler and easier. It happens that we find ourselves stuck in the dark world of overrated and the exaggerated writings whose main focus is to twist our minds rather than providing the necessary information. So, to drag you from the problem news apps are there whose main and the primary intention is to give only the information and so here in this article, we will be looking at some of the best news apps that you must definitely have in your device.

So, let’s move on

1. AMAZING SCIENCE NEWS: –The inventions made by science has always fascinated us and has changed our perception of the world. They allow us to see the world with a different eye that always questions with our mind regarding the possibility of that particular phenomena. The app presents you the latest discoveries by the science and also the inventions that are scheduled to come in the future. With this app, you can also share the interesting articles with your friends.


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2. AWESUMMLY: –Awesummly offers a number of features to its users like the online sharing of the contents, offline reading and above all the audio streaming of the news. So, just place an earphone in your ears and dive deeper into the world of news and only news. What attracts most of the people towards Awesummly is its short contents that keep people far away from the exaggerated writings.

Download here   AWESUMMLY 

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3. PODCAST AND RADIO ADDICT: – Combination of an RSS reader and a podcast app, this particular app has more than 450000 podcasts that update you with the daily happenings across the globe. Just subscribe to any one of the podcasts and it will automatically let you know what sort of things happening around you. The app even supports YouTube and Twitch channels for instant updates.











4. REDDIT: – Reddit lets you scroll down a number of interesting stories around the world with the awesome page layout that nails itself as the front page of the Internet. You can easily subscribe to any of the subreddits for instant and automatic updates. Though the app does not offer a bunch of features to its users it has been absolutely fabulous in nailing the basic experience.

Download here REDDIT


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5. CRICKBUZZ: –With this awesome app, one can easily know the things happening in the world of cricket with instant updates being carried out in the app. One can also update himself with the live scores and can easily predict who will win the match.

Download here CRICKBUZZ









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